Grapho-therapy and Calligraphy are so different.


We all know what “illegible handwriting” looks like. It’s the exact opposite of those beautiful neat and often calligraphic looking works of art that we all envy. Beautiful or illegible handwriting is just a scale of an appearance of the handwriting.

Aesthetically beautiful handwriting does not co-relate to the person having a good or an impressive personality and vice-versa.
Illegible handwriting has poor rhythm and many inconsistencies. But, Graphology’s point of view, the illegible handwriting does not mean that the person does not have good traits in his personality. Illegible handwriting can indicate a certain amount of emotional baggage. Much beautiful calligraphic handwriting also has some negative traits which people don’t realize. So, if you class yourself as an illegible writer don’t despair! Some of the illegible writers have been highly creative or exceptional people in one way or another. For example The father of India- Mahatma Gandhi, A genius scientist- Albert Einstein and even legend of space- Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam.

The handwriting has three powerful branches: Calligraphy, Graphology and Grapho-therapy.

Calligraphy is an art of producing beautiful handwriting, to impress yourself and others especially. Calligraphy deals with the formation of lettering and the various facts pertaining to improve handwriting. It also deals with the artistic or decorative lettering used in designing the posters, invitation cards etc. You can develop various kinds of artistic lettering through the study of calligraphy. Calligraphy is a visual art related to beautiful writing. No doubt, It can improve appearance, style and impression of handwriting. Certainly, It has higher aesthetic value.

Graphology and Grapho-therapy are purely scientific which developed by psychologist and handwriting experts. Graphology is a science of understanding human behavior through a person’s handwriting. While Grapho-therapy is a non-medical treatment to work on the negative traits and strokes of person’s existing handwriting and enhance the personality. Human’s personality can be improved by making a few modifications in the letters, like slants, shapes, sizes, the pressure of handwriting and much more. It never changes a person’s handwriting for aesthetic look. The changes in style of writing suggest by grapho-therapy experts effect on your brain through creating new neuropathway and dilute old negative neuropathway. It require consistent writing practice as we already mentioned in previous blog- The 30days magic.

In terms of Graphology, modern beautiful calligraphic script writing has some wrong strokes and traits, which unintentionally create a negative impact on a person.

Think! What you want? a better appearance or better life?

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