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What Does Your Handwriting Say About You?

Your handwriting is a very unique part of you, like your fingerprint.
From the way you slant your letters to the letters you choose to loop to the words you prefer to print, your handwriting is a detailed map to your subconscious mind.

Every individual has their own unique style of handwriting – cursive, print, mix, bold, simple, curly etc. Just like no two types of fingerprints are the same, no two types of handwriting are alike either. While a fingerprint would identify the key traits of your physical DNA, your handwriting identifies your mental DNA or the primary traits of your personality and character. Thus, it is safe to say that handwriting is akin to bio-electric impulses, both relevant and interpretable. In simple words just as you need a mirror to see yourself from outside, your handwriting gives a clear picture of what you are from inside.

According to research, there are more than 5000 personality traits that can be identified through one’s handwriting. For example, an upward slant is generally indicative of a more open, optimistic attitude

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Authorized Mentor

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Certified Handwriting Analyst

So what does your handwriting mean?

Mr. Rajesh Kothari – a renowned Handwriting Analyst – would like to help you find out.

Whether you sign up for a private reading, a comprehensive personality profile or a quick demonstration for your family or co-workers, Mr. Kothari is more than happy to take people through the fascinating world of Handwriting Analysis.

The study of handwriting patterns and written characteristics, Handwriting Analysis helps determine a person’s key personality traits, such as behaviour, thoughts, motivations, temperament, habits, fears, sexual needs, and more. It also helps detect whether your responses to external stimuli are ruled by logic and practical judgement or feelings and emotions. Handwriting analysis is said to fall under the same category as psychology, and is widely being accepted and used today by corporates worldwide, private institutions, psychologists and even FBI.

Did You Know?

According to research experts, Handwriting analysis is said to be an ancient practice that dates back to almost 4500 BC.