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Transforming Lives & Shaping Personalities
through Handwriting Analysis & Guidance

Change the negative traits, Transform the life

Handwriting analysis has the potential to change negative personality traits, develop overall personality and improve life. By taking help from Rajesh Kothari, you can restructure your signature and change your personality for the better.

Rajesh Kothari is a renowned handwriting analyst, based in Ahmedabad having certification in Handwriting Analysis from California-based Handwriting University International. A decorated handwriting expert, Rajesh has served as a consultant and mentor to students, professionals and entrepreneurs around the globe. He has helped individuals in shaping their personalities and rising up the corporate ladder with the help of comprehensive graphology (handwriting analysis) services.

Rajesh Kothari can also train you to offer handwriting analysis services through dedicated graphology (handwriting analysis) training courses. You have an option to choose from two courses- Handwriting Analysis Level- 101 & 301 Handwriting Analysis Certification Course. Enroll in the training course and start your journey, today.

Core Philosophy & Belief

Believing in the philosophy that every word speaks for itself, he helps individuals in changing their handwriting style and signature that brings a positive change in their personality and lives. The philosophy is based on Graphology that understands behavioral patterns of someone’s personality through handwriting analysis.

Owing to his rich experience and expertise in professional domains, he understands the basic problems of modern professionals and individuals and finds them solutions to their problems with the help of handwriting analysis.

Trustworthy friend, pragmatic consultant and wise mentor
to numerous individuals around the globe

With a mission help people find their inner calling and transform lives, Rajesh Kothari has mentored industry professionals, college students and individuals in finding the right career path, building new relationships and taking the right decisions based on his handwriting analysis expertise.

Change your handwriting, change your life. 

Change your signature, change your personality.

Change the negative traits, Transform the life.



Bring the Needed Change in your Life
through Handwriting Analysis & Mentorship by Rajesh Kothari              

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