Learn Handwriting Analysis

Expand your knowledge of human behaviour. Learn the science of handwriting and understand how slants, spacing, size, pressure and many more elements of handwriting can affect one’s personality or how different types of writing influence different parts of the brain.
For those interested in learning the subtle secrets of the nuances of handwriting, we recommend the Handwriting Analysis Program at the Handwriting University International. This comprehensive course will teach you how to analyse handwriting patterns and how to use handwriting to influence behaviour for the better.
Mr. Kothari, our Founder, is more than equipped to coach, mentor and enrol you in this incredible program.

handwriting analysis courses:

Course: 101- Basic course

Course: 301- Certificate Course [Certificate from Handwriting University International- California]

Local training or online training is available!

If you have a specific requirement, feel free to drop us an email at rajeshkothari59@gmail.com and we will get in touch with you shortly.

To know more about this course, please visit: https://handwritinganalysis.org/authorizedmentors/rajeshkothari