What do Donald Trump’s and Melania Trump’s signature say?


Recently, US President Donald Trump and his wife Melania have visited Mahatma Gandhi’s Sabarmati Ashram.  Donald Trump wrote a message in the visitors’ book of the Ashram. He wrote and signed the message “To my great friend Prime Minister Modi – Thank you for this wonderful visit”  It was also signed by Melania.  I have analysed those signatures and here is the analysis which is also published in Divyabhaskar Digital, India’s Famous newspaper.

What does Donald Trump’s signature reveal about him? 

He is a hyper analytical hence he is a good executive. He has ability and desire to consider the pros and cons. He believes in facts and researches. He is a comprehensive thinker as well as analytical thinker. He enjoys arguments and debates. He is very active, may be a troublemaker. He can size up and evaluate situation quickly and make instant decisions. He generally gets irritated by slow talking and thinking and becomes bored easily. He is smart, deal maker, master salesman and impatient. He has arrogance, pride, self-respect, high ambition, stubbornness. He has desire to create argument in ideas and philosophy. He has ability to think in future and behave with strategies. He is a dreamer hence he achieves his dreams.

Melania Trump’s Signature analysis:
She is a comprehensive thinker and practical thinker. She is also very active and quick decision maker as her husband. She is friendly by nature hence; she has large friend circle and social group. She is great at parties and social gatherings. She always thinks tomorrow is always better than today, means she is an optimistic. She looks bright side of her life. She has unconscious anger due to past incidents. She has strong physical energy and determination. She likes objects, ownership and wealth. She is not good at future planning and imagination.

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